California Sunshine

I am sitting here in the California sunlight looking at palm trees and listening to the hum of the cars pass by on the somewhat busy street. Planes flying overhead with people coming and going, staying and playing and finding solace in the ‘California Dreamin’ mentality.

That’s the reason I am out here. Throughout life you experience pain and heartache, tragedy and disaster, love and war. Sometimes we choose to overcome these obstacles that lead us to enlightenment, while sometimes we overcome by means that only add to the chaos.

Ocean Beach is a far cry from the Midwest. When you think of skating, surfing, and little shops, you have to look no further than Ocean Beach. I have been hanging out with some skateboarders that made their way here via Maryland. When talking to them they all share the same beliefs, leaving California and going home is nothing short of failure.

So with this mindset they get up and grind every single day. Their life is symbolic of the very sport they passionate about. If they fall, they have no other choice than to get back up and get back on that board. There simply is no time for fear, no time for pain, only time to push ahead and continue shredding.

As I sit here contemplating my next move in life, what I should be doing and where I should be going, I understand it has to come from the heart. I haven’t been here for 48 hours yet and I already have gained insight into a life and collection of people who have found their calling, found their passion and they do whatever they can to make it happen.

The people of OB don’t complain. They understand the choices they made and are fully aware of the consequences. Life out here isn’t easy or glamorous. These people aren’t just sitting on the beach all day. They chose to come out here to follow their dreams and passions. They chose to come out here to live, work, eat and sleep the hustle.

Most of them will never own a home, a lot of people don’t even have cars. They make good money, but have to work damn hard for it. The dreams of ‘going pro’ are seldom realized.

When I first started this coaching venture, I thought I understood the time, dedication and commitment I would need to put into it. About a month later, I am realizing it is more time consuming that I could have imagined. I am quickly understanding the art of the hustle and realizing that the everyday grind is a reality. It’s a reality of choosing your passion, following your heart and making the decisions that make you happy. I vow to continue the hustle…….


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