Mustache + November = Awesomeness

Webster’s dictionary defines a mustache as: the hair growing on the human upper lip; especially such hair grown and often trimmed in a particular style. November is defined as the 11th month of the Gregorian calendar. Put the two together and you have Movember, the most magnificent month of the year.

The Movember foundation was the brain child of two Aussies who came up with the idea over a (presumably Foster’s) beer. They realized that the mustache had lost its Mojo in the realm of male appearance. The mustache that was once a symbol of power became the symbol of the sex offenders list.

These two brilliant men knew that the caterpillar on the upper lip needed a rebirth. They got a group of 30 guys together and decided to grow their mustaches for one month during November. The following year they took it one step further by creating a foundation that would collect donations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

After that, things took off rather quickly. The foundation got larger and larger and the donations coming in were more than the Prostate Cancer Foundation had ever received. Fast forward to 2015 and Movember is a worldwide movement for Men’s Health.

This is revolutionary in a sense because two truths about men are: 1) The alpha male will allow them to never see a doctor and never think anything is ever wrong with them; 2) The alpha male will meet with other alpha males on a consistent basis always looking for a ‘brotherhood.’

In this way, men get to come together, grow out ridiculous mustaches and be part of a brotherhood for an entire month! I would consider this similar to the feeling a women sitting in Oprah’s audience receives when there is a key to a new car hidden under every seat!

So ladies and gentlemen if you see the man walking around in the next 30 days with a gnarly looking blotch on his upper lip, it’s not pepper or a tattoo. The man is simply trying to promote, support and enjoy celebrating men’s health. Women, you can join in too, but a fake mustache would probably be a bit better than trying to grow one of your own!

For more information on Movember, click here.

To support, donate and follow my personal creeper ‘stache click here.

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