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John Scott is elected as one of the four captains of the NHL All-Star game that is taking place at the end of the month. Is anyone really surprised with this? There are the traditionalists who are pissed off that the NHL went to the 3v3 format. They nominated Scott out of sheer disgust for the system and made a statement. Then you have the people who are more radical who enjoy the 3v3, but wanted to make a statement that fan voting is redicilous and did so by mustering enough votes for Scott.

Jagr has more goals than Scott has PIMS. Scott recorded 12 points in 2001-2002 while playing for the Chicago Freeze of the NAHL. That year he also amassed 240 PIMS. Since then he has not been able to reach either of those marks. So who is to blame for this debacle? You guessed it, Gary Bettman.

Bettman, who came over from the National Basketball Association, has seen revenue increase in the NHL, but also has been the epicenter of three labor stoppages. His annual salary in the shortened season of 2012-13 was $8.8M. That salary would currently place him as the 15th highest paid PLAYER in the league, right behind Claude Giroux.

Given he came from sport where you can stand in one area and if the offensive player hits you, it’s a foul; scores are often in the three digit realms and players can get away with having their nicknames pasted all over their jersey’s, it really is no surprise this clown has been ruining the National Hockey League. Clearly we can see that he is trying to ‘Americanize’ the sport by adding in these unnecessary ‘wow’ factors.

He is often commended for his expansion of the league. My three year old son could have picked better locations than Atlanta, Phoenix and South Florida to place teams. He is often commended for his broadcasting contracts. You mean the same guy that lost the Wednesday night hockey on ESPN is being heralded for landing a contract with a channel that you can only get if you upgrade your cable package? This same guy also projects his unbelievable Gamecenter platform except there is not an application for a Smart TV?

As with most things in the National Hockey League that go sour, Bettman is behind it all. The irony that comes full circle with this, is the one player that is actually adamant about Bettman ruining the league is in fact John Scott. Here is his latest tweet on the matter:

Scott only has one thing left to do now to solidify and really make Bettman fume. If I were him my team would include all my fellow fourth line buddies who get no credit. First pick, Antoine Roussel of the Dallas Stars.

Maybe Bettman will allow fan voting to decide which teams make the playoffs, who wins the individual awards, etc. Don’t laugh, its highly likely coming from someone with ties to the NBA.


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