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On October 1, 2015 I launched my website and release five e-books. In the past 104 days I have released another five e-books and this marks my 50th blog post. Needless to say I feel like I have come a long way in the past couple of months. I have gotten some help along the path, but what has really kept me going is the words of encouragement. Usually from acquaintances or complete strangers and at the most random of times, but are always uplifting and keep my spirits high.

Some believe that if you put the proper ‘vibe’ out to the world, that you will attract like-minded individuals and find yourself in situations with opportunities you never thought possible. I haven’t worked a ‘job’ since the end of August and through a bit of sheer luck and timing, I am still able to focus my time and energy on the people I love, the things that I am passionate about and self-growth. I have thought about getting back into firefighting and actually took the test in New Orleans. I scored competitively high with a mark above 90/100. At the same time I found out my test score, I acquired private lessons to fill my entire week with 3 of the 4 sessions working with new pupils.

A short amount of time later, I saw a job posting for a Junior A club looking for a scout. As I have done frequently throughout the last couple of months I sent my resume and cover letter to the email address listed. Like the others, I figured I would not hear back or the team would have found some other qualified candidate. I was wrong.

While all of this other stuff was taking place another opportunity came in to coach power skating in Madison, Wisconsin over the summer. I also approached and was hired for an ambulance company in Milwaukee. Heck, even as I write this blog post I have received an email from a party stating that I should be contacted by a parent in the near future about working with her son. I am starting to wonder if all this is because of the good ‘vibe’ I have been putting out, sheer luck, or a little of both.

Going back to the scouting position, I had actually submitted another resume and cover letter to the same coach, who is also a director of an association in Salt Lake City, Utah. I didn’t realize this until our second phone conversation in which he asked me what my goals were in the sport of hockey. I replied that I want to continue writing and expand into coaching, scouting, etc. and turn my passion into a full-time job. He suggested we talk a third time and after that third conversation we agreed that I should come out for a week at the end of this month and check out the city, the association and discuss if I would be a good fit.

Needless to say I am on cloud nine at this point. Even though there is nothing set in stone, just the fact that I have an opportunity to coach full-time and get in at the ground level of something special is an amazing feeling. It comes with some sacrifice, some doubt and some anxiety, but in the end I know that I have come this far dealing with those same emotions.

As I stated before I enjoy discussing hockey. My journey to this current point, 104 days and 50 blog posts later would have been much more difficult without your support. I thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read my posts, purchase my e-books, like my Facebook page, comment on my blog, shared my posts, and suggested my services to others. It not only helps me network, more importantly, it gives me the drive to continue to pursue my passion.

Cheers to you, the exciting path and the discussion we will be having on my 100th post.

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