Blame Bettman

John Scott gets traded to the Montreal Canadiens in a three team trade. Many people think the NHL had something to do with this. In the hockey world this is creating more of a controversy than anything else in recent history. I am here to set the record straight.

For all you people out there blaming the fans, calling them idiots, saying they are making a mockery of the NHL, you are all delusional. The NHL was the entity that gave the power to the people. This has been attempted many times by voting fans, it was bound to happen at some point. Secondly, the NHL put a one vote per day cap on the voting, hardly anything short of being able to target in on a guy like Scott. Thirdly, in the democracy of all of this, the fans got what the MAJORITY wanted. If you didn’t vote every day for someone other than Scott or at least vote in someone who you thought was a better fit, you have no right to bitch. End of story.

For all you people saying John Scott doesn’t belong in the ASG, let alone the NHL, who are you to talk? Did you even have a sniff of Scott’s jockstrap worth of time in the NHL? The magic 8 ball reads ‘sources say no.’ Here are thousands of people who probably never even played hockey after high school that are saying he doesn’t belong in the league. They were obviously grocery sticks at a young age and now are just hating on the people that actually ‘make it.’ Its not up to you or I to decide if he is worthy of the NHL. If there is a contract with his name on it then someone, who has more experience and knowledge than you, thinks he can. Shut up.

For all you people saying that this trade was great and a guy like him doesn’t belong in the ASG, then I will laugh when his replacement, a skilled ‘All-Star’ shows up and appears uninterested or would rather be taking a break. John Scott actually WANTS to be there, unlike numerous All-Stars who have stated they think the game is pointless and will not give the fans what they want to see. Scott would have been a breath of fresh air and probably would have made the air a little lighter. Could you imagine seeing Scott, Ovie and Jagr on the boards poking fun at other players? It would have made the game more enjoyable.

It started almost instantly and the NHL finally found a way to derail the train. As soon as the real face of the NHL, Sidney Crosby was ‘snubbed’ from the ASG, there was a sense that something was wrong. Too bad, John Scott plays in a different conference. The real blame should be on the guy who came from the glamour of the NBA, Bettman. The guy continues to do things that completely deject the fan base, yet we still buy into his shenanigans. There will not be a boycott for that won’t work, but there needs to be an owner that finally ‘grows a set’ and initiates talk of outing this clown.

I was planning on actually watching the ASG this year, not only because of the 3v3 format, but also because it would have been interesting to see how Scott would actually favor out there. Maybe he was a huge detriment to his team. Maybe he was the best player out there because he had nothing to lose. We will never know that now thanks to the NHL and Gary Bettman.

One thing is for certain, there is one person who you cannot blame for this disaster, John Scott.


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  1. Bryan Karl
    Bryan Karl says:

    good stuff buddy. I was going to watch, actually interested to see that goofy guy out on the ice, but now… ill pass. this all is just making him look bad, getting tangled up in BS that really isn’t his fault by any means or that he can control. Pretty sad, especially have met and conversed with the guy, John Scott is just an all around good dude. Shame.


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