These Guys Have Skills

With the NHL All-Star weekend coming to a close and the tournament games still ahead, there have been some great highlights and insights into the sights and sounds in Nashville. Here is my take on a few of things that have occurred over the past few days:

Dylan Larkin – Breaks the 20 year record previously held by Mike Gartner. I think the craziest part of this is that in 1996 when Mike Gartner set the record, he was 36 years old. In the NHL that is usually beyond a players prime age. To think that a 36 year old held the record for 20 years is more unbelievable than a rookie breaking the record. Not to take anything away from Larkin who has been nothing short of outstanding this season, but a 19 year old should be faster than a 36 year old.

PK Subban – Love him or hate him, he brings a certain personality to the ASG. Much like Ovechkin of previous years, you have to love the mullet wig, Jofa Helmet and wind pants. His move was nothing exciting, but the salute was an added touch. I think everyone in the building, including Jagr himself loved it. That is one thing that makes the Skills Competition fun for the fans; seeing the NHL players having fun.

Shea Weber – He beat the competition (Stamkos finished 2nd) by 5 MPH. That’s pretty incredible. Though he was seven-tenths shy of the record it is still impressive that he is that much ahead of the competition. Even more crazy is the fact that he used a 130 flex stick. He normally uses a stick with a 122 flex. Even though I don’t know exactly what the numbers measure, if anything, I know the higher the flex, the stiffer the stick is. May as well call Weber Paul Bunyan because he is taking shots with a log, not a twig.

John Scott – Patrick Kane gets booed and Scott laughs in his face. Scott drops in on Taylor Hall’s interview. Scott tells the reporters to sit still so that he could take a picture of them. Scott is the only player in the skills competition wearing his ASG jersey instead of the team he is affiliated with. Oh, let’s not forget his ASG shirts are already sold out when Kane still has some left. Say what you want, but the guy did nothing wrong and handled this whole thing with class and maturity, even when the NHL tried to oust him.

Jamie Benn – NHL Hipster extraordinaire. Not only does he rock the perfectly groomed prohibition haircut on the regular, but he looks good doing it.

Bettman – Joke of a commissioner is 63 years old and just signed a seven year extension. Mark my words we will see one more lockout before his tenure is over. Not only that, but his salary is higher than 99% of the players in the league. The dude is garbage and I am disappointed we have to deal with him for 7 more years. I guess the best part about that, is it gives me time to poise myself to make a run. Mike Lowery for NHL commissioner 2024.

BTW, Central division is going to run away with the games tonight.

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