Week 15 Power Rankings

Here are the Power Rankings for one of my fantasy hockey leagues. Prior Power Rankings can be found by clicking the links below:

Pre-Season Power Rankings

Week 7 Power Rankings

Bottom Feeders:

12 – Team Sadness (Week 7 Rank – 12): Zero Wins, two points. Best he could do is 7th place assuming that FOUR teams don’t win a single week for the remainder of the year and he magically sweeps the rest of his matchups. Not. Going. To. Happen. The recurring theme, show up for the draft.

11 – Halak-ness Monsters (Week 7 Rank -7): I am not sure what happened with this team. Pre-season was rank was #5, then after 7 weeks they dropped to #7. Now they sit at #11. Dropping four spots is one of the largest drops we have seen since the start of the season. He still has a solid team and could make a run, especially if he can get back RNH and Pacioretty. Looking at his lineup, it still is hard to place him at this spot.

10 – Three Inches (Week 7 Rank – 9): Started out pre-season at this spot and moved up one spot after 7 weeks. The fact that he has made some moves and all but bolstered his goaltending could help him make it to the Middle of the Pack. A recent trade where he acquired Crosby could help him out significantly, although he gave up a strong defensemen, who could be trade bait (Yandle) and Thornton who is on a roll this season.

9 – 2 Girls 1 Kop (Week 7 Rank – 8): Another team that started at this spot in the pre-season rank, the team relied heavily by using its first round pick on Carey Price. Unfortunately for this team and the Canadiens we can see how that story is unveiling. The play of his team name is fitting for how his season has gone.

Middle of the Pack:

8 – FlyerBillP (Week 7 Rank – 4): After being ranked #11 in the pre-season and then climbing all the way to #4 it seems like this team has cooled off a bit. Despite him sitting higher in the standings than some of the others ranked higher, her is currently losing to the seventh ranked team and his last win came against the #12 ranked team, in week 10. This may be the most surprising ranking of them all, but its most likely not getting better giving his goalie situation. Maybe a trade to pull in a premier tender could turn the tide.

7 – Captain John Scott (Week 7 Rank – 5): The third team who finds themselves right back where they started pre-season, Captain John Scott is far from an MVP team. They have been hot and cold and would have been ranked higher, but just a few weeks ago they lost 10-1 to the #6 ranked team.

6 – #wisnewskiswinners (Week 7 Rank – 11): A significant jump of five spots, the team has been hot lately with only 2 losses in the last eight weeks. Both of those losses have come at the hands of the #5 and #1 ranked teams. This is all despite the fact that Jake Allen has been on the IR for the last few weeks. With Allen back, a bolstered defense with Yandle and a decent rotation of forwards, this team could make a run. Perhaps it is due to the lore that surrounds the name…….beware MC

5 – Burns Notice (Week 7 Rank – 10): It’s been an up-and-down season as this team started in the #1 spot then fell to the bottom third, but has been quietly on the up-swing. The draft strategy of both the #6 and #5 teams has been similar and maybe in the long run it is paying off. Ironically both of these teams have sat side by side in each of the power rankings thus far.

Crème de la Crème:

4 – 6 Pack Killers (Week 7 Rank – 6): This team has consistently been climbing the power rankings. The manager came in at the start of week 4 with an 0-3 record. He has done more than his share of work and proved that the previous manager did a good job in the draft and that he himself is a superb manager. I am continued to be impressed with this team and could see this team deep in the playoffs.

3 – MC’s Back Alright (Week 7 Rank – 1): The last 7 weeks have been a little leaner for this team than the first 7 weeks. At the week 7 power ranking, MC got the first place rank and a week later was giving a spanking by the #1 team, 7-2. He falls to #3 because just two weeks ago he lost 8-2 to the #2 team. Perhaps the #wisnewskiswinnners is coming back to haunt him once again.

2 – Shit Be Krejci (Week 7 Rank – 3): This team has been in the top third all season long. Some interesting draft picks were obviously carefully considered and have worked. This team was predicted to be solid at the start and has yet to disappoint. Unlike the other top third teams, this team at this spot isn’t really a surprise. Barring injuries and illness, this team will be in the playoff hunt and has proven they can beat the big dogs.

1 – Take My Ball N Go Home (Week 7 Rank – 2): This team has been the biggest surprise of the season and continues to absolutely dominate. The team is equipped enough to survive the struggles of Lundqvist and has been as surprising as Schneider’s Devils have been. This team is really in a league of its own and it pains me to say that after the complaining this manager displayed and the threat to not play his goalies when he found out the stats were not what he thought they should be. Funny how things work.

We are in the middle of week 16 and there are only 6 weeks remaining. In the near future we will see who is going to be in the playoffs and who will be out. Will there be any blockbuster trades? Will teams make big strides forward or fall off? Regardless of what happens, it’s safe to say this league has seen of its most competitive seasons with active management.

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