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Make A Decision and Stick With It

One of the biggest challenges we face as individuals is decision making. On one hand we hold our own destiny and the choices made can lead us down the path to success and well-being or lead us further into darkness, depression and shame. As proven in science, every action has an equal or opposite reaction. How then does one know which choice to make?

Sometimes the choice can be as small as what to wear for an interview or as large as asking someone to marry you. These two choices both could lead to satisfaction, however one is long-term while the other is a short term decision. Decisions are constantly made based on love, family, career, money, etc. The decisions surrounding these are often the choices that are the most difficult to assess.

When it comes to making a decision, it is inevitable some of them will be poor choices. How you overcome these poor decisions and bounce is back is a test of your character and willpower. How long will you sulk in your sorrow and feel ashamed for yourself? How long will it take you to put the proper foot forward and learn from your mistakes?

My advice is that you figure out your personal values, who you wish to be and then seek to make the decisions that lead you there. Find out what is most important to you and strive to achieve those goals. If you are a career-minded individual then find a career that you love and fulfill the rest of your values around that. If you are interested in relationships and surrounding yourself with people who love you, then build your life around that.

With that said, my current decision is one that has been eating me up. I have the opportunity to move forward and better myself in the sake of career. Not quite a dream-come-true opportunity, but close to it. Something that I didn’t know I was working toward until it basically slapped me in the face. An opportunity to pursue career goals from many different angles. A chance to live my passion on a daily basis.

This decision brings with it leaving loved ones behind. Despite the many positive outcomes and fulfillment I would receive from choosing the career path, it is hard to leave loved ones behind. The question I keep asking myself is what matters to me most; those relationships with the ones I hold near and dear to my heart, or the opportunity to create something I am passionate about a build a business from the ground up?

So going back to what I had previously said about figuring out your personal values, I keep going back and forth. Relationships to an extent are replaceable, sometimes career opportunities are not. Relationships, however, fill the void left behind when your career obligations are satisfied or when you’re your career obligations are adding stress to your life.

In the end, there is no right or wrong answer. In the end you have to make a decision and stick with it. In the end, hopefully I can fulfill my career expectations and keep a strong, lasting relationship with all the people I love.

When you are faced with difficult decisions, how do you get past them? How do you know which choice is the proper one to make? How do you not second-guess yourself or regret the other choice?


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