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Aur Revoir

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Denver, CO. I am moving out west to further pursue a great opportunity within the sport of hockey. Though I have not released the exact information yet, more details will come as soon as it officially announced by the organization.

I don’t really know where I want to go with this blog post, but with me moving again from loved ones, it is hard not to think about the goodbyes and safe travels I have received over the last week. Coming back to Milwaukee was a sole decision that I made to be closer to the ones I loved and yet again I am distancing myself from them. Before it was due to my own immaturity and lack of understanding who I was. Now it’s for an opportunity to better those around me, including my loved ones.

Regardless of how you prepare for it, it’s never easy saying goodbye to the people you love. You think you can set yourself up emotionally for the heartbreak of a long distance relationship, however, immediately after that last goodbye a wave of emotion strikes you. Your main source of communication will be via phone conversations at awkward times and rushing home to make it to your laptop before they are off theirs. It’s not easy, it sucks, it’s brutal.

With that said, I am (author’s note: As I am writing this I am on the phone with one of those loved ones described above.)

Then it dawned on me. Life is adventure and I will tell you all about my travels, hockey, and my new opportunity, but for now, the next couple days at least, don’t expect a blog post. I am going to be too busy continuing and building those relationships with the people I just had to say goodbye to.  Right now, that’s more important than terrible content in between hotels, activities, and time on the road.

Until next time…….


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