Fantasy Hockey – End of Season Summary

The fantasy hockey season ended just before the NHL playoffs started and as commissioner of the league, I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts. First off, I think this was the most unpredictable and committed league we have seen in the leagues 11 year existence. The managers were making moves, adjusting rosters and managing players as necessary and required from a daily league.

Let’s start with the teams finishing at the bottom:

12) 2 Girls 1 Kop – He could never really recover from taking Carey Price in the first round. As soon as Price went down with his injury, this team never could never pull it together. It is never easy to know who to take in the first round, but it really can be devastating to have a first round pick sit on the shelf for the majority of the season.

11) #wisnewskiswinners – I really thought my draft strategy was going to give me a real chance to succeed this year and the team that took the title actually had a very similar strategy. A couple of bad trades down the stretch continued a downward spiral. Giving up Crosby, Luongo and Elliott proved to be mistakes I could not make up for.

10) Captain John Scott – A team that struggled all season and remained pretty stagnant had a strong enough team to not even play some key players in the playoffs and still win some matchups. A veteran manager of this league, I expect a better showing next season.

9) All I Do Is Win – A team with only two losses finished the season as one of the hottest teams. Making some great goalie acquisitions and changing to a fitting team name certainly helped this manager put an exclamation point on one of the worst regular seasons in the history of the league.

8) FlyersBillP – Oddly enough the teams sitting at the 5-8 positions are all managers who are in their rookie seasons in the league. FlyersBillP had a great start to the season, but regressed down the stretch. He was unable to maintain firepower through the course of the season and never really amounted to a threat his roster indicated he may have been.

7) Halakness Monster – A team that remained in the middle of the pack the entire season. Was a threat every week and during every matchup, but just didn’t have what it took to get over the hump. A few key injuries really hurt this team’s chances of making a run.

6) 6 Pack Killers – A manager that took over a 0-3 team in the fourth week of the season, proved that he is a capable manager. He had some very skilled players on his roster, but also made moves that enabled him to remain strong. He had a 12-7 record while the team was under his management.

5) Shit Be Krejci – A great draft and management that remained strong through the season fared well for this team. Some injuries and players not playing to their potential ultimately were the difference for this manager. Definitely will be a manager to watch in the future as he proved he clearly knows how to build a strong team through the draft and can manage a roster.

4) TakeMyBallNGoHome – The regular season champion and a team that dominated the league in historic fashion couldn’t get away from the injury bug. At one point he didn’t have a single starting goalie healthy and unfortunately for him that came during playoff time.

3) F@ck Ryan Kesler – Lost a heartbreaker on the last day of the semi-finals convinced this manager to aptly change his name in disgust for the player that led to his defeat. This isn’t the first time this manager has suffered agony in defeat under similar circumstances. Fortunately for him he doesn’t worry about draft analysis and is most active in the free agent market. Perhaps potential future rule changes will alter how dominant this manager has been!?

2) Three Inches of Thunder – Undeniably the Rookie manager of the year winner, this manager was able to make some deals down the stretch that really propelled him into the championship matchup. After consistently be ranked in the bottom third, this manager loudly and proudly (much to the irritation of others) climbed the standings and rose to success until he met……..

1) Florida Panthers – The playoff champs. If memory serves me correctly, this is the second championship for this manager. His success came in the form of a good draft, diligent management and sound free agency moves. A veteran of the league and always a threat. Congratulations BobDan on a job well done and a pat on the back for my prediction of this team finishing as the top team in the pre-season rankings!

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