An Open Letter to Hockey Moms (& all Moms)

Dear Hockey Moms,

You become mothers after enduring a laboring process that men cannot fathom, nor want to. It is after this agony, pain and anguish that you brought a living being into this world. Those pivotal nine months as we grew and matured, you were providing for us. When we took that first breath of air, you were right by our side.

In the hockey world, you are there to bring us to practice, tie our skates and manage our teams. You are knocking on doors with us in the middle of winter during fundraising campaigns. You are often seen toting around younger brothers and sisters while still offering to carry our hockey bags. You do this all without a single frown, complaint or concern.

You were our personal nutritionists, tutors and mentors. You prepare healthy meals for us knowing the importance of proper eating habits as an athlete. You would do this both at home and on the road. You helped us with homework, sometimes even teaching lessons after we missed a few days of school for a tournament. Speaking of which, you would go into the school and take the criticism from the staff and explain to them why we were missing so much school for hockey.

That wasn’t the only explaining you had to do. You would also explain to siblings the importance of coming and supporting our hockey team. You would instill in them a sense of sacrifice for the game we loved. You would in turn make sure we understood that we were to be present for all of our sister’s dance shows, even if it was the same show Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. You were there making sure we supported her as much as you supported us.

We are taught in hockey about supporting each other in almost every instance on the ice. Whether it’s a corner battle, getting open for a pass or standing up for a teammate, we are taught the value and importance of support. Though sometimes we don’t do a great job at showing it, we appreciate your support for us. We appreciate how you supported us as infants, hockey players and into adulthood. We understand this is entrenched in the deepest root of your being and will never fade. You were there when we needed it most, both on and off the ice.

Thank you for involvement in our sport. If it wasn’t for you we would not be where we are today. You taught us how to be passionate about a sport, by showing compassion when we needed it. You taught us dedication when you spent 10 hours driving through three different snow storms to play a couple of games. You taught us responsibility in how you held us accountable for our actions, both on and off the ice. In the end, you taught us more about life and hockey than our favorite coach, players or teammates could. For that, we will always be grateful for the hockey moms and mothers in general of this world.


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