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It’s been 18 days since my latest blog post and for good reason. When I started this blog in October, it was to get my thoughts and ideas about the sport of hockey out to the world. I didn’t intend it on being too much, but didn’t know where I could take it. I have found that I enjoy writing and I enjoy sharing my viewpoint, thoughts and feelings with others, it’s therapeutic in a sense. I never thought I would go almost three weeks without writing a post, but here I sit.

So on May 20th, the date of my last blog post, we were a week removed from the start of tryouts for the Outliers Hockey Academy. Life until that point was spent making phone calls, recruiting prospective players and inviting players to train at the Utah Hockey Center during our Spring Camp. I learned a lot from those few weeks leading up to the tryouts and since the tryouts have been over.

I left town on May 24th and spent some time in Milwaukee with my girlfriend Emily and son Brooks. I decided to take some time for myself and only dealt with ‘business’ when needed. Over Memorial Day weekend myself, Emily, Brooks and Emily’s dog Bowser made the trip over to Ann Arbor to see my mother and sister.

Most of you probably don’t know, but my sister was hospitalized for over a month, from mid-April to the end of May, some of which she spent in ICU. The entire time she was in the hospital, I was out here in Salt Lake City, breathing a sigh of relief every time the phone rang and it wasn’t my mother. Not that I didn’t want to hear from her. When it was, I was updated on the status of my sister, but never got the instruction to get on a plane and head to Michigan which I am thankful for.

I have been back in SLC for a couple days now and despite having the time to sit down and get my thoughts out to you, I decided to work on finding me and what is important to me. I talk to Emily and Brooks as often as possible via telephone and video chat. I am working on creating a better relationship with my family whom I have not only physically distanced myself from, but emotionally also. I started the paleo lifestyle again on Sunday, which is important to me as I have found myself carrying a bit of excess fat.

Sometimes, though things are therapeutic and make you happy, you just have to give in to what is truly important to you. The relationships described above mean the most to me and are what I need to improve to continue cherishing those people in my life. Ultimately that will make me the happiest. Though I was once an avid blogger, writing 2-3 blogs per week, I cannot say for certain that will continue. I need to spend time working on my relationships, health, well-being and job.

Having multiple long distance relationships isn’t easy. As a matter of fact it’s extremely difficult, but I know if I continue to put the time into them, it will pay dividends in the future, more so  than any blog post could ever accomplish.

Though this sounds like it may be a farewell, rest assured, it’s not even a goodbye. I am just being honest about my situation. If you are disappointed that you may not have as much of my awesome writing to read on a consistent basis, I challenge you to take the time you would have spent reading my blog and work on your personal relationships. One five minute phone, or even text conversation can sometimes go a long way.

Thank you for your continued support and readership. We will talk again soon!

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  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    We are so lucky as a family to have you and Brooks in our lives Mike. You bring so much happiness to my sisters life on a daily basis, and that in turn brings us joy.
    Thanks for sharing you and your son with us!


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