America, My Home & Native Land

Now that everyone in involved with the 2016 Rio Olympic games, I figured this would be a great opportunity to not focus solely on hockey or sports for that matter, but on the state of my country, our country, the United States of America.

I find it quite ironic that when a member of our Olympic team is in the water, on the pitch, or in the sand, we all come together and support them. We do not look at the color of their skin, their culture, religion or beliefs. To us, they are important because they represent our country and if they win, we win.

Taking it one step further, most people do not even look at the opponents religion, culture, skin color, etc.. Sure you will see articles about the Egyptian women’s volleyball players covering their entire bodies, but you will also hear the stories of gymnasts from South Korea and North Korea taking selfies together. In the end, the competition is fierce, but the respect these athletes have for one another and their country is unprecedented.

Sports are what defines competition, pride, ownership in oneself and dedication. Every person who has ever played a sport can understand this. This stretches beyond the border of the USA and is found at every corner of the globe. People, like you and I, competing against each other for a sense of victory, of pride, knowing that their hard work paid off.

When it comes to an election, that is a mere three months away, however, this nation becomes grossly divided. We cannot fathom a chance of coming together to support, or even elect a qualified individual to run our country. Instead we use media, fear-mongering and religious beliefs to sway our opinion. Everybody wants their voice heard, yet they will never concede, albeit listen to what the other side has to say.

So how do we come together to cheer on our country’s athletes at the Olympic games, but we cannot come together to solves our country’s issues? If we lead the medal count and obtain the most gold medals will that be seen as a victory for our country? If so, for how long? Until the Presidential election about 10 weeks later?

We put our political, religious and cultural viewpoints aside when it comes to sports. How come we cannot do this when our country is literally tearing apart at the seams? When we are constantly fighting each other? This game is too big to pick sides. If we pick sides, we will continue the struggle, the competition, with no clear winner and bunch of losers.

The majority is just that, the majority. Our current state of affairs have proven that even the smartest members of the majority can still be sheep to the minority. They can have their thoughts recklessly predetermined and will not consider any other way. At this point, it is time to start acting like the majority. As we come together to cheer on our fellow countrymen and women in Rio, we need to do the same stateside. We need to come together. Let’s leave the competition on the pitch and outside of politics, solve our country’s issues and come together for the Red, White and Blue.

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