So unfortunately it appears as if the writing’s on the wall; what was once a consistent blog, where every few days you could find yourself reading new material, has since dissipated into a blog where I may have lost readership since it’s been over a month since my last post. Regardless, I still use this as a medium to get my personal thoughts about hockey and life out to the world. I never had the intention of creating a huge readership, though a few times it did give me great joy to hear a friend state that they overhead individuals talking about my blog post in a locker room or the random Facebook messages I receive from people telling me how great I am doing.

When I started this, I was passionate about hockey, I still am, but I am really focusing on my current team and building the Milwaukee Blaze organization. I usually devote my free time, away from work to a couple things; my girlfriend, my hockey team, my real estate investment goals, spending time with friends and family, and lastly this blog. With that said, I cannot safely say this blog will be revived to the state it once was. What I can say though, is I will keep you privy with updates as to what is going on in my life and things I find persistent to the hockey world.

Since I have no intention on talking about hockey in this post, I will give you a glimpse of why the passion to continue this blog has faded. As I stated prior, the passion for hockey still burns intense, but my priorities have officially changed. I am again working full-time, which is the first time I have worked a set schedule since starting this blog back in October of 2015. I was able to become one of the few people in the history of the Milwaukee Fire Department to get their job back after they had resigned more than six months prior. To say I am grateful is an understatement. I love the job, the brothers and sisters that protect the city and it truly feels like it’s my calling.

My girlfriend also works on the department and given that we are on separate shifts, every three days, we have 24 hours off together. Then she goes to work for 24 hours, I go to work for 24 hours, then we see each other again for 24. Its an interesting scheduling and sleeping alone 2 out of every 3 nights when you are in a committed relationship and live with your significant other is quite interesting. So the days we have off together, I am not spending much, if any time on the computer. Not only do I enjoy and want to spend time with her, but I am trying to be as supportive as possible as she is pregnant! We are expecting our baby boy, Seth Micheal, sometime towards the middle or end of February which is ironically close to my other son’s birthday. We are both anxious and excited for the newest addition to our little family.

The hockey season for me started about two months ago with off-ice training. The techniques and knowledge that I gained in my short time in Salt Lake City with the Outliers Hockey Academy has definitely made me more cognizant of a lot of things I could change in coaching this specific team a second time around. It has also given me insight on how to recruit, grow and foster an organization. As for our team, we are currently 2-2. Our first game of the season we got run out of the barn and probably played a team that we had no business playing in terms of talent and preparedness. The team bounced back by having three pretty dominant performance in the last three games, with our only other loss coming in an emotional last minute game against our inner-city rival. The following day, the team played the best game of the season, out-shooting our opponents 41-7 and winning 4-1.

As the season has progressed, it’s been nice to see the older players step up into natural leadership roles both on and off the ice. Their hard work and dedication has set the bar for the younger players. Some of the younger players are still timid playing at the Midget/High School level, while some have been making a smooth transition. I have yet to see the team play as aggressive as I would like to them, but this will come as the younger players get more confident and the older players find their stride.

So in a nutshell, that pretty much sums up what’s been going on with Mike Lowery since the last time we talked. I hope to keep up with at least 2-4 posts per month, but again nothing is guaranteed. As always, thank you for continuing or joining this journey with me and I hope to chat with you in the future!

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