Below are some testimonials from players I have worked with. If you have previously worked with me, I am always open to feedback so please feel free to leave a comment below!

“You were a great players coach, always kept the game fun for me on and off the ice. You helped me develop my 2 way game but most importantly always taught me something I could have done better after each shift.”

Ben Johnson, Orlando Solar Bears (ECHL), 2012 New Jersey Devils draft pick

Mike has been an influential figure in my life as well as in my hockey career.  During a critical time of my development, he helped me to establish solid ground through focusing on individual skills as well as team systems.

Robbie Payne, Northern Michigan University (NCAA D-1)

The way your coaching has helped me over the years is impossible to put a value on. You taught me so much about hockey, not just when you were my coach, but whenever we talked hockey. Everything I’ve accomplished in hockey has its roots in what you taught me. Things you have taught me apply to not only hockey but to life in general.”

Zachary Verran, 3 year letter man with the Houghton Gremlins Varsity Hockey Team (MHSAA)

As of right now I still think you were my favorite full season coach. You knew what you were talking about and disciplined. I think that has helped me as I’ve grown and moved up in levels. Knew how to skate teams that’s for sure. Nothing better then seeing a garbage can in the middle of the ice. You knew how to make it fun but teach us at the same time. I can tell you love coaching and being around the game.

Anthony Harris, Soo Indians (U18 AAA), 2015 1st round draft pick, Atlanta Capitals (NA3HL)

The year that I was coached by Mike I was just a 14 year old kid trying to play Midget AAA U18 and trying to make a name for myself in the hockey world. At the beginning of the season I wasn’t even close to being one of the top defensemen but throughout the year I would like to say I made it to the top 3. Confidence was huge for me that year, and Mike would help to keep me confident in how I could play and would always tell me something positive that I was doing, then add something that I could do a little better. At the same time he would push you to be your best. If he saw how you could play, he wouldn’t accept anything less than that. He wouldn’t let you slack or “sand bag” he would be in your ear telling you to push and this drove a lot of players to be their best. Mike could also connect with the players, since he played hockey growing up and was in the same position as you before he knows what it’s like so it was easy to connect with him. After the year that I was coached by Mike Lowery I committed to play Division 1 hockey for Northern Michigan University.

Jesse Junttila, Northern Michigan University (NCAA D-1)

“Mike was instrumental in helping me to develop both my skating and my hockey skills.  As a player who took up hockey as an adult I really needed a lot of work on my hockey basics.  Mike is adept at breaking a skill down step by step and teaching in a building block manner.  This style really helped me to strengthen my fundamental skills.  As a coach Mike really understands the team play across the ice and was able to help me to develop my ability to play my position both offensively and defensively.  He’s energetic and positive with his players, and gets great pleasure at seeing individuals develop in to team players.  Mike has a wealth of knowledge about the game and coaching is what he does best.”

Jeannine Eng, Adult Student