Disseminating Knowledge, Expertise and Intellect to foster an environment which harbors growth of the individual through skilled sport and honest self-reflection

  • Why is it offered?

    I decided to offer these services after realization that there are many talented individuals involved in this sport who could excel given the right guidance. These individuals will be able to learn skills, ideas and techniques that they can further build upon. I am of the understanding that when someone or something gives to you, you should reciprocate. This is another way where I can give back to the sport by providing knowledge that others can use and pass on.  We have all heard about the Mite coach who never played hockey, but knew how to skate. No other parent wanted to step up and now they are left trying to figure out how to coach a hockey team. Not only are they coaching a hockey team, but they are responsible for teaching a set of age specific skills. More often than not the players and/or coach get discouraged, the season goes awry and there becomes a disinterest in the sport. I am able and willing to provide a valuable resource to the parents, players and coaches before this becomes an issue and the passion for the game is lost.

  • What is it?

    The consultation/mentorship services are intended for people who have a limited knowledge base but are interested in coaching hockey. The services provide an avenue where questions can be answered, knowledge can be acquired and ideas can be discussed. The mentorship aspect of these services also include players who are seeking advice in regards to the pursuit of their hockey dreams. I have always had an open door policy with former players whom have crossed my path and strive to see those relationships continue beyond hockey careers and into personal life.

  • Where is it?

    The consultation/mentorship services can be basic or advanced depending on the goals and objectives of the individual and the situation. For coaches it would include a meeting discussing the season. I would also attend a practice to view drills, interactions with players and efficiency. I will work with the coach to fine tune their practices to meet the goals appropriate for the age group and competition level. I would also be available to attend a game. If attending a game I would focus on strategies for managing players, a bench, and situations that arise during play. For players, it can be as easy as a few phone calls discussing advancement options or more in depth by helping the player contact teams, set up try-out dates and find a billet family.

  • When is it?

    These services are offered year-round, however, it will be more effective if I am able to meet with the coach/player closer to the start of the season, rather than at the end. Usually by mid-season, habits are formed, your team is solidified and even minor changes can disrupt chemistry. The more time I have with a certain individual or team, the more likely we are to succeed at meeting the goals and objectives set forth in our plan.

  • How do you do it?

    I am a big advocate of going into something with a plan in mind. Upon discussing goals and objectives, I will work with the individual to create a plan of action. Everyone involved will have a responsibility and will pledge to sticking with the plan. If for some reason the plan needs to be revised, it will be done given all parties consent on the revisions. Fees will be discussed and determined on a case by case basis as different teams and individuals have different goals and objectives. It should be noted that any present, past or future player of mine will always have access to mentorship/consultation services for NO FEE. This has always and will continue to be a pledge of mine no matter what the circumstances are.